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My gardening memoir, Mentors in the Garden of Life is now available. For a signed, first edition copy please order directly from me using the Buy Now button below. If you’d like a personalized inscription please indicate that as well.
Mentors is a linked chronology of garden stories about people, plants and creatures in the garden and what they’ve taught me. It ranges in time from the 1950’s, when I grew potatoes in the backyard with my dad; through the turbulent 1960’s when I learned composting from the writings of J.I. Rodale; and on to the present day when I mentor others in the sweet skill of tending Mother Earth. 
Here are some reviews that may interest you:

“It is important to remember that Colleen Plimpton’s Mentors in the Garden of Life is itself most touching, even for those of us who know none of her gardening friends and mentors. Her wonderful writing, sensitive eye, and compassionate heart all make this memoir special for everyone who loves gardens, and gardeners.”

Pat Stone, Founder and Editor, GreenPrints

“In her memoir Mentors in the Garden of Life, Colleen Plimpton traces her development as a person and a gardener to a childhood spent on a farm in upstate New York. The countryside surrounding Rochester provides the setting in which we meet stern grandparents, a loving great aunt, and a young uncle, whose premature death made a deep impression upon his niece.

Thus, Colleen learned early the importance of realizing life while we live it, the message of Thornton Wilder’s play, Our Town, and she become a keen observer of everything around her.

What attracted her attention most were the plants, wild and cultivated, and she has been paying attention to them ever since. Learning lessons along the way from both plants and people, she writes about these encounters with touching affection.”

Sydney Eddsion, Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older

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Also Available,

    How can it be possible that Woodstock was 42 years ago? For those of us who were there, the days of mud and mess and music are still fresh in our minds, though we grow ever older.

Woodstock Revisited tells 50 of our stories.  We all had different takes on the Festival, we all heard and smelled and touched different things. We were kids and college students, we were parents and police and musicians and workers.   We all participated in one of the seminal events of the past century.

And lived to tell the tale.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to be a part of  Woodstock, this is the closest you’ll come to experiencing it.  My chapter, #7, is A Day in the Country.  Order Woodstock Revisited, signed, from my PayPal, or from Amazon.

Long Live the 60’s!!


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